Micro blog update: If you follow us here, we are moving. For general Good Enough updates, we’re blogging. For Album Whale changes, see our new changelog page. Many of these things will also get to our socials, Mastodon and Twitter. Thank you!

Album Whale update: We launched our new Discover section! We’re really excited to see how this can grow with Album Whale. We know already that it will work better with more people using Album Whale, so now would be a great time to pass the word on to your album-loving friends. ❤️

Album Whale update: We improved our homepage quite a bit. (You’ll have to be logged out to see it.) We quite like the way it looks! And hopefully it does a better job explaining why Album Whale might be a thing one would enjoy. You’ll need to scroll down. Albums, people. Albums!

Album Whale updates: We’ve done a lot of work on accessibilty. We hope this makes Album Whale easier to use for everyone. Related, we reduced the image sizes we’re loading where we could. Hopefully that makes things snappier, especially on mobile.

Album Whale update: We’ve cleaned up that first time experience with some hints to help you get going after signing up for Album Whale. Now is a great time to make your first list!

Album Whale update: Formatting your list has gotten a little more buttery smooth. Check out these options. Good for creating a simple gallery, a top 10 list, or a countdown of your all time favorite 50 complete with personal stories for each album. Give it a try!

Album Whale update: You can now toggle your album list’s layout between a grid view and a list view. List views are perfect for those who would like to write a solid paragraph about their selections. Think Adam Wood’s 2022 list. 🧑‍🍳😘

Some small Album Whale updates heading into the weekend. A link to Staff Picks was moved into the nav to make it easier to see what’s new. There’s a copy link button on your list for easier sharing. Also, your list now has a little “curated by” section at the end.

Album Whale update: We now have Dark Mode. No more need to wear sunglasses at night! 🕶️

Getting this Apple Developer Program signup in process. No, we aren’t going to toy with app development. We’re not that talented! But it seems a good idea if we want to consider adding search to Album Whale, yeah?

Album Whale update: On the heels of Bandcamp support people can now listen to any Bandcamp albums right on your list page. We want such things for all services, but Bandcamp makes it easy so you get that right now. Yes!

Album Whale update: We’re very excited because Album Whale now supports Bandcamp! Just paste in the URL from your favorite albums and we’ll do the rest.

Album Whale status: we’re all back online. Sorry about that. Please post an album list!

Album Whale status: We appear to be down. Not sure what it is, but we’re thinking DNS oh boy.

Album Whale update: We’ve added an RSS feed for the Staff Picks page so you can keep up with some of the latest album lists posted to Album Whale.

Album Whale update: You’ll notice there is an RSS link in the upper-right of list pages. If you use RSS, you can see new albums added to your favorite lists in your feed reader.

Album Whale update: Clever folks looking at their My Stuff pages will also notice that there is a new Staff Picks page to discover some new music.

Album Whale update: You can now bookmark lists. Saving the list is a private action. You can see saved lists and when they were most recently updated on your My Stuff page.

Album Whale update: Just pushed out favorites. Slap a heart on a list that you like, and you’ll see if others did the same to your lists. (And a Bookmark feature is coming soon, so you can keep track of saved lists to revisit in your profile.)

Album Whale is open for signup! We’re just getting started and discovery features are on the way. It would be a tremendous help if anyone interested in what Album Whale can become could build a quick Top 10 list (Ex: Fav College Listens, Top Albums to Focus, Best of 2022, etc).

Big Album Whale update: Implemented a private To Try list, which you can add to from anyone else’s list. This is one of the two main functions we had in mind and why we wanted to build Album Whale. None of the streaming services provide a way to track albums you want to try.

A couple of smaller Album Whale updates: Tweaked list deletion Tweaked list sorting

Coming very, very soon is our take on sharing lists of albums, Album Whale.